Coffee tour in Pienza

Pick one of our packages and get to know the world of artisanal coffee roasting.

Let’s roast together

Our master coffee roasters will show you all the secrets of oakwood roasting. You will be able to learn about different types of coffee, blends, and the roasting process, and have a taste of freshly-roasted coffee at the end.

Tour duration: 30 minutes

A coffee for every occasion

Listen to the magic of oakwood roasted coffee as narrated by our very own experts. Find out all about the different kinds of coffee, blends and roasting processes and discover the tricks and tips to make the perfect coffee for every occasion with all kind of pots and techniques: learn about the perfect cappuccinos, iced espressos, laced coffees, and more, and get acquainted with moka pots and Neapolitan coffee pots. You will also be able to taste the best pairings of coffee and artisanal chocolates and patisserie.

Tour duration: about one hour

Coffee and Tuscan snack

A luxury package for your taste buds: capture the secrets of oakwood roasted coffee, learn how to prepare the perfect coffee for every occasion and have a taste of our blends with their best matches in the world of chocolate and patisserie. And after that, have a snack with us and taste the local cheeses and cured meats paired with extraordinary local wines.

Tour duration: about 1 hour 30 minutes

Initiative organized in collaboration with Caffè GM