Etruscans at Chianciano Terme

From the Archaeological Museum in Chianciano Terme, up to the Tomba della Quadriga Infernale in Sarteano: a journey through the Etruscans

You will observe ancient finds related to the daily life of the Etruscan civilization in the Archaeological Museum of Chianciano, which houses the largest collection in the world of Etruscan Canopic jars. You will visit the Archaeological Civic Museum of Sarteano, which displays the treasures found in the nearby necropolis, and a perfect scale-of-1.1 reconstruction of the Tomba della Quadriga Infernale [Tomb of the Infernal Chariot]. Only on Saturdays, as an alternative to the visit of the Civic Museum of Sarteano, you can visit the real Tomba della Quadriga Infernale in Sarteano in the locality of Pianacce, dating back to the 4th century B.C., whose colors are incredibly well preserved. You will explore 120 m of underground galleries at the Underground City of Chiusi, where is the largest section about funerary epigraphy in Italy. 

What it includes :

  • Visit to the Civic Museum of Chianciano Terme;
  • Visit to the Archaeological Museum in Sarteano (ONLY ON SATURDAYS: possibility of visiting the Tomba della Quadriga Infernale in Sarteano, locality “Le Pianacce”);
  • Visit to the Underground City in Chiusi;

Tour duration: about 4 hours
Initiative organized in collaboration with Valdichiana Living Tours & Vacation Tuscany