Truffle hunting in the heart of Tuscany

The research will take time and patience, but with a little luck, at some point, you may see specially trained dogs start wagging and sniffing more and more at a bush, or at the roots of a tree. If they will start to stick their nose more and more into the ground, digging with their front legs, then the treasure could really be close, and the truffle hunter will give to his dogs their well-deserved reward. Who knows if they can find others? At the end of the hunt, it will be time to sit down at the table to taste delicious recipes based on the precious truffle, paired with local wines.

What it includes :

  • Walk in the woods together with an expert truffle hunter (about 1.5 hours);
  • Lunch based on truffle.

Tour duration: 3 hours

Initiative organized in collaboration with Valdichiana Living Tours & Vacation Tuscany