Farmhouse La Rocca

Our farmhouse la Rocca was founded at the beginning of the 70’ by Nicola and Quirino brothers.
With great skills and intuition they started their business with a small plot of land. Working in the countryside is hard, sometimes the seasons are averse to man’s activities. Podere La Rocca is the result of the hard work and courage of the two brothers.

They have created an amazing farmhouse of 400 hectares. Today, their sons run the family business farmhouse. They have always loved the agricultural world and products. Wheat, barley, vineyards, olive trees and aglione are wisely distributed around the estate. We are also the most important producer of pears in our area.

The way we love what we do and the peaceful and quiet atmosphere of La Rocca convinced us to start the Farmhouse up.

The vineyards and orchards are our flagship.

Book your stay so you can experience at first hand the scents of our blossoming pear trees. During your farm holiday you can see the grapes and olives that ripen in our vineyards. You can also take a walk in our orchards and garden. We are sure that you will fall in love with our amazing place. The peace and quiet that surrounds La Rocca farm is priceless.